About Lotu

LETO New Materials Technology(Jiangmen) Co.,ltd was found in 2022,who is a green enterprise dedicated to developing and promoting organic environmental protection, degradable new materials and printing with new water-based inks. The company combines substrates with new environmentally friendly printing technology (Nano/water-based ink), processing semi-finished products and finished products,which are used in a wide range of fields, such as Daily life, Cultural and Creative Industries, printing and packaging, outdoor camping products, personal protection and environmental protection industries.

In addition to semi-finished and finished products, LETO is also committed to the supply of raw materials, a wide range of new environmentally friendly materials we can meet the needs of customers and the market.  

Meanwhile, LETO has rich extended processing skills and experience, professional R&D, sales and production team; Develop a variety of superimposed processes on new environmentally friendly substrates, such as printing, dyeing, lamination, nano/TPU/PU coating, lamination, UV silver coating, hot stamping process, through a variety of design, expand and present the excellent characteristics of the substrate to the greatest extent possible, so that the new environmentally friendly materials can be better promoted and widely used. 

Live greenly,make friends with ECO-friendly! 

What is DuPont Paper?

The commonly known "DuPont paper" in the market is actually two materials produced by DuPont: one is high-density polyethylene material, named Tyvek, and the Chinese name is Tyvek; the other is meta-aramid fiber material, Named Nomex, Chinese name is Nomex.

DuPont paper features

Tyvek combines the material properties of paper, film and fabric, waterproof, breathable, lightweight, strong, tear-resistant, puncture-resistant, highly reflective, diffuse reflectance, UV-resistant, unique texture and feel, environmentally friendly and recyclable It is reusable and compatible with various printing technologies and most digital printing technologies, and is suitable for various processing processes.

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